The FPL API makes current federal income requirements programmatically and reliably accessible for your applications.

The Federal Poverty Level is used as a base for many social services in our country. Meeting specific income levels is the first requirement to qualify for food stamps, health care, public housing subsidies, and many other federally funded social programs.

Due to inflation and CPI, the FPL income requirements change on an annual basis, which can make relying on numbers a hassle in web applications and other software. The FPL API makes current income requirements programmatically, and reliably accessible for your applications.

Query Parameters

All queries can be sent as HTTP paremeters to the fplapi.herokuapp.com/api endpoint.


Not required. Default is the current year.

Specifies the year to make calculations on. Year rates change based on federal CPI definitions. If no year is specified (i.e. api?size=3), it will default to the current year's requirements.


Required. Must be an integer greater than 0.

Household size as per the Healthcare.gov definition.


Required. Must be an integer greater than 0.

Integer specifying an income amount in USD.


Not required. Defaults to 'annual'.

Specifies the incrementation of your income integer. monthly OR annual.


The following query returns the FPL percentage for an individual with a family size of 3 and a monthly income of 2000 dollars.


    amount: 20090,
    amount_nice: "$20,090",
    fpl_percentage: 119.46,
    info: {
        year_base: 11770,
        year_rate: 4160
    request: {
        household_size: "3",
        income: 2000,
        year: "2015"

Contact, Issues, Contribute

This is a Code for America project started by the 2015 Richmond Fellowship team. Any issues can be submitted in the repository on Github. Hosted on Heroku. Contributions are welcome!